nerdy stuff

text editor

vim logo on fire

while I was still on macOS I became fascinated by all the terminal applications that Linux users were using. I decided to go through

and teach myself vim and I haven't looked back since.

operating system

On my laptop I use arch Linux (or gahnoo plus linocks as RMS might say) maybe I use it because I feel like it gives me more control, maybe it just fascinates me, maybe it makes me feel like a hacker, or maybe I just want to feel like Neo from the matrix. I'll never know.

computer hardware

keebs! (and by keebs I mean keyboards of course)

I have recently fallen down the rabbit hole that is custom (or even customised) mechanical keyboard. I find it extremely fascinating! all the layouts people use (like Dvorak colemak and even some custom) and custom form factors (like ortholinear and ergonomic.)

I am currently using a Geek GK61 optical mechanical 60% keyboard with gateron reds. I did the band aid mod to quieten the stabilisers and have replaced the stock abs key-caps with some cool side-printed pbt key-caps.

programming languages

I am no programming whizz but I get by. below are listed all the programming languages I am comfortable with. In order of proficiency.

document formatting/creation

as a student I am often required to make reports or notes. I use LaTeX for serious reports that require equations and need to be in a specific format. I am lucky enough that my department provides LaTeX templates for use in reports. LaTeX also makes referencing extremely simple. when I am just making notes I store these as plain-text files using the markdown format. I find it to be just the right level of syntax to be functional while still being readable in plain-text. I have also been experimenting with groff and may use it next time I have an individual report, or have to type something a little less equation and image heavy.

other cool programs


syncthing is an amazing program that runs on mac, windows, Linux and even android. it allows you to sync folders across devices using a local network. it comes with some basic file history features and a simple web interface that you can access by navigating to

in your browser.