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this post is from an answer I wrote to someone asking for Linux plugin recommendations on r/REAPER

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TLDR; there's lots of good free and open source ones and cross-platform ones from indie devs. a lot of simpler windows plugins (that don't use registrations and copy protection) work very well in yabridge.

Linux VSTs

These days we are spoiled for choice on Linux, a lot of the good free plugins are cross-platform, and I think it's only getting easier for devs to make plugins like that. The issue is that it's not worth it for large companies to support Linux since we are generally a very vocal bunch when it comes to bug reports, but also a very tiny percent of the total sales. So as long as you don't mind digging for free plugins or plugins from smaller developers, then you will have a good time.

The List

So here are my favourite and frequently used Linux VSTs (all free):

Corporate (Paid) Stuff

There are also some companies doing paid plugins now. I only know of u-he at the moment, but the fact that Bitwig and Reaper have native Linux versions (and maybe the new CLAP format) might encourage more companies to make their plugins available natively.


There really are absolutely tons of great native plugins, and plenty of the free windows free VSTs (ones without registrations) work well if you use yabridge and wine.

I have used Valhalla supermassive, Venn audio freeclip, the bedroom producer blog plugins (i.e. saturator, dirty filter, dirty spring) as well as lots of the analog obsessions plugins.

Linux can also take some work to set up and be a stable audio system, but I have had luck with pipewire and the pipewire-jack system. If you use something like qjackctl or helvum you can visualise the flow of audio and midi across your OS and even use non VST audio software with your DAW, as it makes it trivial to connect different pieces of software together.

Some Resources

You can filter for Linux plugins on and Searching Github can also result in finding some cool plugins.

Here is also a massive list of even more plugins you can sift through, but the ones I've mentioned here are most of the good ones.