2023-10-30 new blog posts, added buttons for cool sites and friends on neocities.

2023-10-22 testing out deploy to neocities github actions

2023-10-21 moved to neocities, updated logo, restyled homepage, deep rock galactic button (i made that one myself :) and more

2023-01-28 added some cool buttons, I made the aeropress one and 40% keyboard ones myself.

2022-10-29 added waiting room and ham radio pages

2021-03-16 styled the blog, cleanup other junk and fix links

2021-03-17 added cooking site inspired by based.cooking. I pretty much stole the css. Also testing out using AJAX for fake dynamic sites.

2021-03-17 The site will be undergoing some serious renovations, mostly cleanup and trying to reuse more style sheets instead of having a css file for every single page. also thinking about hosting the site on a vps or moving over to neocities.

2021-03-17 more cleanup, added a page to access all the startpages that i have made.

2021-03-22 added contact page

2021-03-22 cheese

2021-03-30 make all pages mobile friendly (except this page, if you read changelogs on a phone then you probably don't care about css anyway. enjoy your raw vegan html)