Why Even Make a Weird Website Like This?

This is a website
It is mine
This is my website
This website is my own.

My HTML/CSS Colouring Book

In a fleeting attempt to capture the childlike wonder of aimlessly drawing or doodling outside the lines in a colouring book. I've made this website as a place to play, experiment and maybe not take myself so seriously.

some pencils

As a newbie on the internet everything is novel and exciting, but as we come to know it for what it is and not what it could be we can become somewhat jaded. Treating your own website like a colouring in book is a way to help reignite that feeling of "surfing the net", exploring and imagining the endless possibilities that it can bring.

It creates a space for expression and play and gives us a way to shape and control the way people experience and interact with us online. Whether you treat it like a fine painting, making sure ever color and stroke is perfect, or you prefer to treat it like a scrap paper where ideas can be brought into life in raw form only to be discarded in favour of something else.

Being in control of the information you put online and how it is experienced is both empowering and freeing.

So welcome to my little sketchpad. I hope that you stay a while and that you can relax and enjoy the scribbles.